I’ve SEEN things you people wouldn’t believe..

The first post on this blogsite was 15/iii/2013. This week the hit count passed 100,000. I know about half of those are my Dad but thank you to the rest of you for your interest over the years. It has been an interesting journey from deciding back then that I would start sharing thoughts on presentations to where we are now. I hope folks have found it useful.

From a personal point of view I can say that the thinking and writing of the blog has challenged my preconceptions, deepened my understanding and lead me to develop ideas much further than simply expounding ideas in the pub. There is a disappointment that I haven’t managed to encourage as much discussion on the site itself but certainly the blog has raised awareness both nationally and internationally.

I’m grateful for the opportunities all this has afforded me to give lectures and lead workshops in all sorts of amazing places and meet wonderful folk I would otherwise never have met. I’m particularly grateful to The Sensei, Garr Reynolds for his inspiration and Nicole Gugger for being an intellectual foil and advisor.

I’m not sure what the future holds but I’m excited. I would love to come and share ideas with anyone who is interested, wherever they are. If you have questions or requests, please get in touch.

The original post has this as its closing paragraph:

This blog aims to discuss and build upon the p cubed concept, offering opportunities for discussion and learning around the nature, construction and delivery of presentations to maximise the impact and success of presentations.

I am proud and humbled that this is starting to change presentations in so many places. The quote from Blade Runner still evokes a strong response in me. It inspires me. Folks have amazing things to share, things they have seen and ideas they want to share. My hope is that through better presentations those stories, passions and ideas will not be lost, as so many are, “like tears in rain.”

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