The supportive media (p2) is everything that adds to the story (p1) in its delivery(p3) whether as a presentation or visual aids. If you have visited the site looking for tips on using powerpoint, you will be disappointed. The discussion is around design concepts, use of text in slides, images and data slides used to illustrate and support the message. It is the least important part of a presentation and some presentations may even be better without slides! Most importantly, the .ppt file is not your presentation.

Cornerstone posts include.

purpose of the p2

basic type choices

when to construct the p2

design matters

They are all the same!

It is astounding that, right now, across the world, millions of people will be sat in front of a powerpoint presentation. That is a tribute to the marketing and genius that is Mr Gates and Microsoft. What is more incredible…
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Are you talking to ME?

In the movie “Taxi Driver” Rober de Niro as Travis Bickle envisages a confrontation with a mugger and the classic line, “Are you talking to me? Are you talking to me? In his mind he has worked through how the…
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With images, it’s about focus

When is an image not an image? When it’s out of focus. The effective use of images in presentations is often bedevilled by presenters failing to obey simple rules, principally though ignorance. Some of the common mistakes are more obvious…
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Add a picture, that’ll make it better!

Progress along the artistic journey from Death by Powerpoint towards a more expressive and creative presentation usually starts with the thinking that addition of images will make it better. The (ironic?) clip art issue has already been addressed, even if only briefly but…
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Why does good design work?

I have been struggling with the question of “Why does good design work?” All presentations (p2) are designed in that they didn’t just fall straight from the heavens. Some work and some don’t.  Those with bad design that are cut and paste jobs…
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Good design is about function not decoration.

I recently spent some time discussing all things Presentation with an expert, Nicole Gugger. She had many insights into the nature and problems of presentation; she is an excellent presentation coach. One thing she made clear is that good design of…
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The maths of a better presentation

In my original post I proposed that a presentation is the product, rather than the sum of its parts. More than simply a construct of mathematics this is a model that allows a deeper understanding of the nature of presentations,…
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Where’s Wally?

The point of a data slide is a quick, easily interpreted, graphic representation of numerical data. The audience should be able to grasp the meaning themselves within seconds, ideally without guidance or explanation from the speaker.Unfortunately it is more often…
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Images work on their own.

Images work because we can look and see, interrogate and question, pick up nuances and emotions and connect in a way that words simply limit and constrain. Written words seldom add information to images in presentations that isn’t conveyed by…
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