The supportive media (p2) is everything that adds to the story (p1) in its delivery whether as a presentation or visual aids. There is discussion of slide construction, media and design.

The maths of a better presentation

In my original post I proposed that a presentation is the product, rather than the sum of its parts. More than simply a construct of mathematics this is a model that allows a deeper understanding of the nature of presentations,…
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Where’s Wally?

The point of a data slide is a quick, easily interpreted, graphic representation of numerical data. The audience should be able to grasp the meaning themselves within seconds, ideally without guidance or explanation from the speaker.Unfortunately it is more often…
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Images work on their own.

Images work because we can look and see, interrogate and question, pick up nuances and emotions and connect in a way that words simply limit and constrain. Written words seldom add information to images in presentations that isn’t conveyed by…
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Your presentation is the product of its parts

A presentation, whether it is an audit project, your research thesis, clinical teaching or a business case is made up of three parts: the presentation (the story), the presentation (the slideset) and the presentation (the delivery). The construction of the…
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