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On being creative


It is always encouraging to engage with colleagues in social media and I try to answer questions from there. Thanks to Jennifer Wyman for raising the idea of creativity in presentations. Data slides (2) via @ffolliet Check out the P3…
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Case based teaching

clinical presentation

I am always happy to try to give an answer to questions from twitter such as this from Rachel Roberts on case based teaching. @ffolliet any tips for crafting the media for case based teaching when you want to convey history, exam,…
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A scientific presentation at BBTS Conference

conference logo

Think of the best scientific presentation you have watched. It captured your interest as soon as it began, asked a question pertinent to your specific needs and proceeded to succinctly answer that question leaving you with a purpose to change…
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A red rectangle doesn’t make things clearer

A bad data slide is not made better by adding a red rectangle. It appears to be the latest fashion in presentations. Clearly some folk have “found” the animation function but the reality is that simply using a red rectangle…
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Seven Deadly Sin of Presentations

No matter how amazing your research is, how life changing your story was, how impressive your business case is, if you commit any of the following deadly sins in the construction and delivery of your presentation it will not received…
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Less pies

The use of charts to visually display data is helpful in a presentation. Care is required to ensure that the correct message is transmitted. Pie charts are currently dominating presentation screens. Importantly they often (unintentionally) misrepresent data.Consider the following charts…
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Herding chickens

The major drawback of text on screen is that the audience cannot help but read it. Mountain View Ca. They are hypnotised like a chicken. It is important in construction of p2 (the supportive media) to remember that one’s audience,…
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Increase signal to noise ratio

One of the key concepts in improving your presentation is to increase the signal to noise ratio. This applies to all parts of the presentation; p1, p2 and p3. It’s like tuning the radio properly, the clarity of the message…
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Take a chance.

It is my pleasure to introduce another guest blog this time from a twitter friend @Liz_ORiordan on her experiences with a different approach to presentations than the “tried and tested” method. “Hello, my name is Liz Ball, I’m a Consultant Breast…
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Guns don’t kill… bulletpoints do.

Tedious slide after tedious slide, read out almost verbatim with accompanying data slides that are too complex, don’t project well and are impossible to understand. There’s a random cartoon culled from somewhere but we can’t read it because it’s distorted…
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