Was that any good?

When most presenters step from the stage their main feeling is relief, relief at having finished, relief at having survived, relief at having not failed. The real question though about the presentation should be, was that any good? Determining how…
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On pink elephants

pink elephants

The mind is a very strange thing and sadly it doesn’t always respond in the way we would like it to. Here is simple example. Close you eyes and do NOT think about pink elephants. It’s like that with body…
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On generic slides

generic slide

Generic slide decks are designed so that “anyone can give the same presentation and everyone receive the same information.” Few great presentations are given using generic decks and many good presentations are made worse using generic decks. Education is not simply…
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Effective communication

The purpose of a presentation is effective communication. Effective communication is not recitation of a list of facts. Effective communication is about a message. That message is only effective from the perspective of the audience. Effective communication is about converting…
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The last post.

the last post

On Tuesday 5th March 2013 I first posted on the blog site Blogger. 217 posts later, this is the last post. What started out as just one bloke growling about the state of presentations has grown into a something that…
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That’s not how you spell prezentation


The original website for this blog was at Blogger and the blog url was : preZENtationskills. This is in tribute to my Sensei, Garr Reynolds and his seminal blogsite Presentation Zen. His first post there was ten years ago and…
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Open house

If a blog post falls in the forest, does anyone hear? I don’t know. What do YOU think? Do you agree with what’s written here? How would you change presentation skills? Do you love Prezi? Is there a place for…
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