Sometimes it is easy just to talk about “doing stuff” but actually the proof of concept is in seeing some of my output. I will add more as time passes.

FIX17 was a conference in New York organised by my friends at FEMinEM. I gave a talk “On Being Average.”

When clinical error occurs we must review the error and look for ways to improve. What we often ignore is the second victim, the broken clinican.

The SMACC conference in Dublin 2016 SMACCDub was where I presented this talk. One of my challenges after writing the piece was in considering p2. After discussion, I came to the realisation that actually, slides would distract from the message, already challenging in itself.

One of my first major speaking opportunities was at TEDx Stuttgart. I initially tried to work up a talk on what we could learn from surgery but realised this topic was closer to my heart. Speaking on something you are passionate about is always more rewarding. (hate the still though!)

I have given my “presentation skills” talk on numerous occasions and it is amusing to see how things have progressed. Below is a link to a lecture I gave in July2019