Taking on The Empire

Many recognise the limitation of the current nature of presentation. Making personal change involves challenging the status quo of such the establishment and exposing oneself to professional risk; this takes courage.

@NickFerran is a senior trainee in Orthopaediac Surgery in the UK. We follow each other on twitter. After various discussions around the topic of presentations he was aware of the effect of The Dark Side in Medical Presentations. He will continue the saga…

“I recently took the presentation skill challenge. I was preparing to present a scientific research paper. This took such a leap of faith to break free of my slides of text and bullet points. I had to be guided by The Force.

My main concern was how I would get the message across without text on my slides. How would such an unconventional approach go down in a scientific crowd? When I became honest with myself I realised that the text and bullet points are a crutch. As a presenter you want them there incase you lose your way or don’t know your stuff that well.

Shedding the text was not easy. I was uncomfortable up to the point of delivery. As the presentation started I began to tell my story and for the first time in many presentations I saw the faces looking at me, LISTENING, not READING. I was in control of the audience. I knew my topic and they listened. It was a leap of faith worth taking. Can’t wait to do it again.”

“The Force is strong in this one.”

Are you prepared to take on The Empire?

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