The practice of presentations.

The 5th P in Presentation is for Practice. It is, of course, the most important. The astute or grammarians amongst you will have noticed that this is the noun version of the word, not the verb. The practice of presentations is the continuing study and improvement of the nature and construction and delivery of presentations. The first presentation you give will not be your best. Your biggest presentation to date could still be improved upon. The worst presentation you have sat through can still offers inspiration and ideas for future presentations. Practice is the process of continuing to deliver presentations improving by repetition, reflection and consolidation.

For most of us, getting off the stage and out of the spotlight represents just a huge relief and the end of our engagement with the process of presentations. We have little requirement or desire for feedback and the only reflection that is carried out tends to be fleeting and self critical. To improve your presentation skills, it is important, at some point, to sensibly consider your whole presentation (p cubed). 

Formal feedback from the organisers may be supplied at a later date and will be of some value in personal reflection. Remember that it is the audience who define value. It is important that we step beyond the “thank you I very much enjoyed your presentation” to a structured assessment of the presentation in its composite parts (p1, p2 and p3) as well as its overall value (p cubed). Consider what you know went well and why you know this, what felt stilted and forced, what might you have done differently if you had the chance again, what did you learn after your delivery that you might have used had you known. This is not about criticism but critique, this is the practice of presentations. 

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