On flow charts. Don’t.

No, just no.

Life isn’t like that. It doesn’t just flow. It doesn’t “bring your presentation to life”. Things aren’t equal. Turning your head on the side to read things isn’t cool. Colour means things to people. Life is not a jigsaw. What if there’s a piece missing? What happens if you put them in a different order? No, just don’t.

The worst thing is that you’ll introduce it by saying, “I’m sorry for this busy slide, let me talk you through it.” If a slide is not understandable within 3 seconds, think about an advert on a passing bus, then it is distracting and you will lose the audience particularly if you “talk them through it.”

Just don’t.

And I’m more than happy to talk to www.SlideTeam.net to help them if they’d like.

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