Ok, hands up who DIDN’T fall for it?

The last blogpost was written and published 2 days ago. On the 1st of the month. On the 1st day in April…

I know some folk view me as some sort of leader in presentation thought (for which I thank you) but I do hope you regard what is written with your own insights and wisdom and question the thoughts without blindly accepting them. 

To review and clarify yesterday’s blogpost, slide design does change with time but not the psychological principles behind what makes an effective slide. “Retro”, “hipster” or whatever design used should capture attention and provide function from form. 

Slides don’t need titles. Typography subtly changes meaning and should be used carefully. Forcing the audience to read from a slide is never acceptable. Branding is for companies and should be subtle and functional. Remember design is all and the design of your slideset (p2) along with the construct of the story (p1) and its delivery (p3) is what will set your presentation apart.

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