m'ehIf you are going for an important interview would you just put on any old clothes? If you are going on a first date would you just wander straight from work without considering your make up? Your parents are coming to stay and you haven’t tidied the house for week; never mind? It doesn’t really matter how you look, people value you as the person. Really? How would you feel if you were conducting the interview, if you are the date, if you are the parents? Are your presentations the same?

There is an ennui about presentations that most folk recognise. We don’t expect to be captivated or engaged by the majority of presentations so when we prepare them we have that as an undercurrent. The speakers never seem very enthusiastic so the audience reflects that too. No one else appears to be making much of an effort so why should we?

But we all remember the candidate who has made the effort. We frequently went on a second date with someone because of the effort they put in. Guests in our homes value that feeling you give them that they are special. So will the audience at your next presentation. 


  1. Becki

    Any tips for interviews where you receive the presentation topic on the day with 10 minutes to write the presentation and 5 minutes to deliver it?

    1. ffolliet (Post author)


      a single message. what do you WANT the interviewers to hear? less IS more. focus on a succinct message, made memorable and different from the other candidates, delivered with confidence and punch. NOT a list of facts. ask a question and answer it. challenge dogma and justify that. dream BIG dreams


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