Feel better, not more

For some presenters, there is a striving after perfection that drives them to constantly tinker with presentations before delivery. No presentation will ever be perfect; there is always space for improvement. The important view is not from the stage but from the audience. Practise.

There are places within preparation that changes can be made: brainstorming, the storyboarding, the p2 design and practise. After that it is of more value to polish the product rather than re-design it. For most presenters the added value of these changes will be minimal. Importantly the audience receive only one version.

The most valuable use of time between construction of a piece and its delivery is in practise. A deeper understanding of the topic, a more polished and engaging delivery and more poise on stage are worth much more than minuscule movement of a segment of text, alteration in font or subtle changes in hue of an image. These changes may make the presenter “feel better,” the former will make the audience “feel more.”


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