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Image search on Google is a very good way of finding images for a presentation as discussed earlier. As the BBC would say, “other free image sites are available.” Listed below are a few of the sites friends from Twitter have suggested. None has either endorsement or review, suffice to say that if one wants to perform an image search to illustrate your message, there is sure to be something, somewhere, that should fit the bill.

It’s important to emphasise that images should not simply be culled from any website; this breaches creative copyright. In the spirit of sharing however, the Creative Commons was established to promote and permit sharing of information. This is a great place to start. The ethos is about sharing to make the world a more equitable place. Please respect this in your own creativity: don’t use things for the economic benefit that others are sharing for free. If appropriate, credit the person either at the end of a presentation or even creatively within an image. Don’t let the credit spoil the image though.

The sites suggested, in no particular order are


image search


Of course, others to these are available, please add them in the commons if you have found a little treasure trove. Thanks to @andrewtagg for his little selection too


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