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Presentations in their current form fail. This failure is due to construction and delivery. They are the result of a failure to understand psychological principles.


Hysteron proteron

The slideument

Can you send me your presentation please?

Chicken or egg?

Hypnotised, like a chicken




Performance anxiety

My recent trip to a scientific conference allowed me to muse on many things including presentation skills. Most disappointing was not the standard of presentations constructed but the issues of poor delivery (p3) It is not enough to have a…
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Don’t get me wrong.

The reason that most text based presentations suck is because science. It would be wrong to assume that this means text is banned from presentations, far from it. It is totally acceptable to use text in the supportive media (p2)….
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Chicken or egg? Both are wrong

I recently had the privilige of being interviewed by Jesse Spurr for his Injectable Orange podcast. One of topics we chatted about was the ‘ole standard of “why do we have text in presentations?” There is a degree of chicken…
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Presentations fail because even more science.

You don’t even read the slides you are reading. Part of your brain soon recognises that it isn’t possible to read a whole slide and that the important information is contained in the title. The bigger bulletpoints contain something of…
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Why we must change presentations.

People ask my why I get so enthused about presentations. My answer is that stories are important. Through them we gain chances of understanding, change and emotion. The current means of communication (with powerpoint) hugely limit these opportunities.In the closing…
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Bad presentations are your fault.

I had the misfortune yesterday to sit through five presentations, which as a group, were possibly the worst presentations I have seen in many years. Uniformly, none of the presenters had a point to their talks, they simply recited a…
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Patronising your audience

patronise your audience

The scientific literature is clear regarding the many proven behavioural flaws in the nature of a standard “powerpoint” delivery. My “Presentations Skills” presentation has expanded to cover more of the evidence behind what many understand implicitly. Something I fail to…
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The media has become the medium.

It really doesn’t mean to be but Powerpoint (and its siblings) IS the problem. There’s a fair amount of debate on Twitter , in the blogsphere and amongst those sorry souls who get me started on the topic but I’m coming firmly to…
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What if I told you..

I picked this up from Google search. I tweeted it and it has now been retweeted in some form or other more than 600 times. Which says an awful lot.The meme comes from the film, The Matrix. The character, Morpheus…
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It’s an important meeting I have lots of facts to deliver I didn’t have time People expect it It’s my script I need it for confidence I can print it off as a handout I don’t care I think it…
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