Be prepared!

One of the skills of a presenter is being prepared. I usually carry a copy of my presentation on a usb. I’d have another copy uploaded to Dropbox and often one on my phone. I usually bring the laptop I have created the presentation on plus data cables and my own remote control including spare batteries. I haven’t gone so far as to bring my own data projector but am aware of colleagues who do. I ensure I arrive very early relative to my slot particularly if not there for the whole meeting and also ensure I have run through the whole event at the podium beforehand. This gives me an opportunity to make sure the slide set works on the local equipment, that the remote synchs as well as a chance to check the lighting options, the microphone (if required and how to turn off if not), heating and any alterations I can make to the environment around me that might distract from blocking the sun shining thru’ a window behind my head to extraneous equipment littering the stage.

As one goes to different places to talk one encounters new problems that simply could not have been predicted. It is almost a test of ingenuity sometimes to cope with obstacles thrown in your way. Mostly it just takes time, sometimes equipment and usually patience but it pays to be prepared. Being prepared is not a sign of OCD but the reality of presenting. It is part of valuing the audience.

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