They are all the same!

It is astounding that, right now, across the world, millions of people will be sat in front of a powerpoint presentation. That is a tribute to the marketing and genius that is Mr Gates and Microsoft. What is more incredible is that no matter the country, no matter the language, no matter the topic, they will be almost identical. Think about it for a second. The vast majority of the talks you have seen delivered, and I appreciate that although small the audience of this is worldwide, are virtually identical. There is NOTHING like it in the world!

When questioned, the recipients of these millions of presentations are unsatisfied, they display the ennui of bitter experience and yearn for something better, something different, something engaging. Yet when their time comes to share the limelight of 15 minutes of fame this yearning regresses to conformity and deliver their best version of the same. Has mankind as one, achieved the lofty goal, of finally communicating in one ubiquitous means across the Babel world? Or do we simply not care and feel that “a nice powerpoint” is the pinnacle of communication?

There is a better way. Express yourself as you do in your dress, your haircut, your makeup, your behaviour, your speech, your humour, your passion. It is YOUR 15 minutes of fame, why not make it worthwhile?

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