One word for Prezi.


I know it’s non linear.

I know it is like mind mapping.

I know it allows spontaneity in approach.

I know it’s “different”.

I know it doesn’t have bulletpoints on the template.

I know you can zoom in and out.

I know it’s currently cool.

Just No.

No, because you use it just like powerpoint.

No, because you don’t present like mind mapping.

No, because you don’t use that spontaneity in your presentation.

No, because different isn’t enough.

No, because you still use bulletpoints in your prezi.

No, because zooming is for Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons

And no, because cool doesn’t make it any good.

Have a read of what my friend Phil says.

He says no. (please read WHY)

Have a look at what Arthur says. (please read WHY)

He says no.

And have a look at what Guy Kawasaki he says. Actually, he DOESN’T say no…


Prezi (in itself) is not the way to improve your presentations. Please read this to figure out why.

And yes, I know this looks like bulletpoints.

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