Guns don’t kill… bulletpoints do.

Tedious slide after tedious slide, read out almost verbatim with accompanying data slides that are too complex, don’t project well and are impossible to understand. There’s a random cartoon culled from somewhere but we can’t read it because it’s distorted to fit and half covered by the watermark. Oh and they’ve thrown in some ironic clip art just to break up the flow. The background is…I really don’t know what the background is or why, it just is. And the font is…whatever the default is. At least there aren’t flying sentences or the slow reveal. No wait…

We all hate this, don’t we. There really is little worse. There’s no value, not commitment to the audience, no passion. It’s just painful. And the excuses? Too busy, it’s what they want, it’s just easier. Really?

So why do you do it?

Death by bulletpoint is worse than this demonstrator getting hit by a rubber one.

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