Who cares?

Seriously, what is the point? Why should I bother? Why should I give you my attention, my time and my interest? What is in it for me? What makes your presentation worth anything more than the other ones here today? What is it that excites you about this subject? What ONE fact do you want me to take away and always remember? Who cares?

You do? Okay then, SHOW me. Don’t just list the facts, excite me, engage me. Tell me why this matters to you and make it matter to me. Help me to understand why this is important to you. Help me to be able to remember this long after the closing slide.

 “Show some emotion, put some expression in your eyes. Light up if you’re feeling happy, but if it’s bad then let those tears roll down.”

And yes, that even means your audit project, the 2nd Quarter results or your research thesis. If this is important, show some emotion.

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