Your “powerpoint” is not the message, it supports the message.

I did a little talk in late November 2013 at TEDx Stuttgart. I am hoping to write a few posts around the construction and delivery of the whole thing but it is pertinent once again to highlight the role of the “powerpoint” in my presentation.

I should first of all thank Nicole Gugger for all her help in the project, not only in discussions around the story (p1) and its delivery (p3) but principally for her wisdom and skills in helping  develop the p2, the supportive media.

The goal of TED is “Ideas worth sharing.” The idea I wanted to share with was that inspiration is not what we are looking for. (you have to watch the video to get the real understanding of what happened.) The strength of my story was in its telling and the participation of the audience in that telling.

Without the slides and visual aids, the impact of the whole presentation (p cubed) would have been different. Supportive media (p2) whether that is slides or video or visual aids should add to the whole. It should neither be the whole nor overwhelm the delivery. When it is excellent in itself as here, it adds elan, not simply a script.

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