I’m sorry…

…for this busy slide.

I’m sorry I didn’t think this through as well as I might.
I’m sorry that I don’t actually care very much about this topic.
I’m sorry that I don’t think you are important.
I’m sorry that I didn’t know I could use Paint to select only the bit of interest.
I’m sorry that this is the current pinnacle of my training in presentation skills.
I’m sorry that I don’t think presentation skills are a challenge to learn and that they are innate.
I’m sorry that these are the slides I always use.
I’m sorry that I’m bored.
I’m sorry I have wasted your time.
I’m sorry the previous speaker was really boring.
I’m sorry, I just don’t care.

None of those are probably true, even the first one; you’re just a bit embarrassed. If you were sorry, you wouldn’t have used the slide.

Would you?

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