One Hundred Posts!

Way back in March 2013 I published my first post on this blog site; “Your presentation is the product of its parts.” In it I discussed the p cubed concept that the best presentations are made up of a good story (p1), good supportive media (p2) and good delivery (p3). To improve your presentation you need to address each part of your presentation.

The blog site and the subsequent 99 posts have been viewed nearly 36,000 times and it is my firm hope that this has translated into improved presentations in more than one or two places.

A review of all the posts shows the most viewed as below:

Most Viewed Posts Views
1 How to “do” a presentation          1503
2 One word for Prezi. 1267
3 Clip art 1216
4 Maths of a better presentation 973
5 Read these. 770

The least popular posts were:

Can I suggest if you have any interest in improving presentations that you have a trawl through some of the posts on the site, the popular, the less popular and the rest. Please share the tips you find with friends, lecturers, professors and anyone else you feel might benefit and keep spreading the word that presentations CAN be better than Death by Powerpoint.

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