Dirty secrets on your usb stick

I’ve been to a few presentations recently where the presenters have gone on stage to upload their presentation to the podium laptop. They innocently pop in their usb stick (or connect their mac) and the full stick is displayed on the laptop screen. And often on the main stage presentation screen. Sometimes with the whole audience there, watching.

You probably don’t think about it because all you want is for the IT guy to get your particular presentation from its safe little burrow onto the main screen. So you or he dig down through various folders to get to presentation.ppt and there you go. Sorted. “Ladies and Gentlemen…”

The audience however are clear that this presentation is for

“That crappy meeting in London”

They may have noticed the random .jpg of  “the naked surgeon”

It’s possible your boss may have questions about “fifteenth audit of that useless paper” OR that you appear to be applying for a job in London.

The panto? Really? Is that what you want us to see before your big scientific talk? Or your opinion on Jones and his career.

Presentation ninja trick; a brand new usb stick, just for this conference. Mac users, sanitise your desktop.

About that naked surgeon…

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