This is all your fault.

It’s conference season once again and I’ve had my vaccination booster. Sadly it will be wall to wall text dense slides, with little structure or purpose, read outloud in a terrified monotone to an audience who expect nothing more. And it’s all your fault

Until we as audience members and seniors and colleagues and speakers starting actively making a difference by our reactions, encouragement, example and feedback, things will only continue to deteriorate. As a group, we recognise the abject failure of this style of presentation yet allow it to continue by our inaction. It is not the fault of those who copy or seek to attain the level of mediocrity they see displayed but the fault of those who go before, who receive, who comment and who do the same old thing because it’s just easy.

The reason we present is to share insight, wisdom, research, knowledge and passion. So much of that will be lost, in time, like tears in rain. Not because of a lack of preparation, desire or wish to communicate but because of you.

“Time to die.”

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