When imperfect is perfect.

The p cubed value of your presentation is not what you think it is. It is never about how you think your presentation went but always what the audience thinks, or better, what the audience feels. This should change how a presenter feels as they step off the stage.

No presentation is ever perfect. Even the greatest musicians know their best performance could have been better. Artists when they review their own works always feel changes can be made. The audience are not marking a presentation against a submitted script, previous practise sessions or your presentation idol, they only see one, live performance.

Too many presenters are disappointed with their presentation because of some mistake, a flunked line, a slide moved too quickly or a section delivered out of place. Even those presenters who grind to a complete standstill are forgiven by virtually every audience. This is essential to recognise as presenters who are brutal in self critique may actually destroy their own piece in the belief that a perceived flaw has made the whole unacceptable.

Review of a piece is valuable. Receive the audience view first and then filter through that the perception of the presenter. Remember imperfect for the presenter may have been perfect for the audience.when imperfect is perfect

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