So, you want to improve your presentation

improve your presentation

Folks probably visit this website principally because they want to improve their presentation. This podcast deals with some simple tips that will improve the p cubed value of your presentation.


  1. Marius Pheiffer

    Hi Ross

    Another great podcast with top tips!

    My presentattion due in one week. Only still working on “my message” i.e. p1. Very difficult to NOT just start making slides as I had always done in the past. Trying to break my bad habits!

    Big supporter in Bleomfontein, South Africa!

  2. ffolliet (Post author)

    It IS a challenge but the story (p1) must always come first, then illustrate it and then practise it. THAT brings results. But yes, challenging bad habits is itself an issue. Be STRONG! The results are really valued by audiences.

    Let me know if i can help


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