Plan analogue

A major step forward in improving presentations is creative planning. The majority of presentations delivered are constructed within the presentation software; data is simply entered, re-organised and read out. The key to a successful presentation is in planning the message. The best way to plan is analogue, not digital.

The intrinsic pace of writing and drawing allows more space for freedom of thought than the flash of fingers over a keyboard. Some use a large whiteboard, an A3 sheet of paper, post it notes or a well loved moleskine notebook but the basic concept is that this time facilitates creativity and the physicality adds to this. Avoid the temptation to use electronic means to capture and organise ideas, they bring with them the desire to format and organise ideas or the greater temptation to save time and enter ideas directly into the presentation software.

Creativity comes to those prepared for it. Computers stifle that. Close down the laptop for improved presentations.

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