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On being creative


It is always encouraging to engage with colleagues in social media and I try to answer questions from there. Thanks to┬áJennifer Wyman for raising the idea of creativity in presentations. Data slides (2) https://t.co/9Tfeh8gkXE via @ffolliet Check out the P3…
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The maths of presentations, preparations and time

The value of a presentation, in the view of the audience, is down to maths: the product of the story (p1), the supportive media (p2) and its delivery (p3). What does the other side of the equation hold, the side…
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Lessons from The Sensei (4) creativity

creativity lesson

In the 4th of a series of Lessons I learned from a presentation by Garr Reynolds (my Sensei) I’d like to consider creativity in presentations. Delivering a presentation is more than reading a list of facts. Changing the facts into…
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My First Teaching Session

my first teaching session

I appreciate that sometime the comments on the site relate to more major presentations such as keynote and large scientific conferences. The challenge of How To Do A Presentation #htdap has been covered in a few specific posts before ;…
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Change the world by your next presentation

Your next presentation should change the world. If you don’t agree, then don’t bother presenting. The purpose of you, speaking, is to change the  the world into which you have been offered the opportunity to speak. Your opinion, your message,…
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The best title slide blogpost, ever (ii)

How does one arrive at a great title for a great title slide? With difficulty. It is the culmination of consideration of the audience needs, the “so what” of your data, the storyboard, the elevator pitch and the sparklines within…
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Be creative with text

Text has value in presentations. That value can be added to by fontography choices as well as altering the size and position of text within an image. Think of this as making an image including words rather than annotation.In a…
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“How does one get images for a presentation?” is a question I am frequently asked. The answer is the same as so many other questions we have. Ask you friendly local search engine. Click here. I mostly use Google image…
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Plan analogue

A major step forward in improving presentations is creative planning. The majority of presentations delivered are constructed within the presentation software; data is simply entered, re-organised and read out. The key to a successful presentation is in planning the message….
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“Could you give us a talk, about 30 minutes?” “Sure,” you reply, “no problem.” The facts are clear. The nature of the audience will affect the precise message to be delivered but, let’s fire up Powerpoint, drop in a pile…
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