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This is how not to do it

sean spicer

The White House Press Spokesman Sean Spicer is, sadly, not a good example of how to perform in public. Under the glare of the world’s press his performance as well as the information he delivers is scrutinised. His most recent…
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On pink elephants

pink elephants

The mind is a very strange thing and sadly it doesn’t always respond in the way we would like it to. Here is simple example. Close you eyes and do NOT think about pink elephants. It’s like that with body…
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p1 is not a story, but the story.

p1 is the story not a story

Every presentation is made up of three parts; p1 the story, p2 the supportive media and p3 the delivery. p1 is not “a” story, once upon a time or somesuch, p1, “the” story is the data of the piece converted…
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It all about the delivery

all about delivery

The best story in the world p1, supported by the most amazing media p2 is nothing if the delivery fails. This is the fear of every performer whether they are a presenter or one of the biggest rock stars in…
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Lessons from Linda

It  is always a pleasure having guest blog posts on the site. This is NOT all about me. I asked a colleague, Linda Dykes, who is a Consultant in Emergency Medicine & General Practitioner in Bangor, North Wales if she…
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Making p cubed stick

make it stick

It is always encouraging to hear how others have considered improving their #presentationskills and the results of their work. I’m grateful to Patrick Bafuma @EMinfocus who submitted this guest blog. It is insightful, encouraging and inspiring.     Making P3…
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My First Teaching Session

my first teaching session

I appreciate that sometime the comments on the site relate to more major presentations such as keynote and large scientific conferences. The challenge of How To Do A Presentation #htdap has been covered in a few specific posts before ;…
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Movement on stage

movement on stage

A real step forward in #presentationskills is out from behind the lectern. This simple movement on stage engages the audience and frees the presenter. It also leaves some speakers unsure of what to do next. Recently I’ve observed a few…
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Cinderella got married

Every great presentation has a message, one single message. The common failing in many presentations is they are simply a pile of data, a ramble or lists, not a message. When constructing any presentation one needs to determine early on…
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Speaking in public terrifies me. Help?

For many, the hardest thing about giving a presentation is just that, giving the presentation. The p cubed approach recognises that great delivery (p3) of the presentation is essential and as such it is important to deal with the issue…
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