polished performers

Polished performers are the best examples to observe in order to improve presentations. Two such polished performers are Vic Brazil and Anand Swaminathan. They can be heard over at feminem.com discussing lots of presentation tips but with a particular focus on women presenting. Whoever you are, there’s loads to learn from their chat.


Some of the tips-

be yourself, the audience really value that

present the image of yourself you want the audience to have

ensure you are introduced in the way you would like to be

be aware and determine your body language

clothing is a risk management issue- feel good but don’t add risk!

microphones pose problems that need addressing before you take the stage

shoes should be “sharp” but not dangerous

practise, practise, practise


  1. Victoria Brazil

    Thanks for the shout out Ross.
    Love your (non bullet point) summary 🙂
    Especially the line – ‘shoes should be sharp but not dangerous’

    1. ross fisher

      Credit where it’s due. And the shoes? Direct quotes


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