What is p cubed presentation style?

What is p cubed presentation style? A radical approach to presentations, based in science that aspires to help presenters everywhere deliver effective presentations, engage with their audiences and share insights, inspiration and ideas so that they are retained rather than lost in time, like tears in rain. It is not just about pretty slides. It’s not just fashion. It is about effective communication.

p cubed style of presentations

A presentation is made of three component parts; the story (p1), the supportive media (p2) and the delivery of these (p3). The value of a presentation is the product of these three factors, the p cubed value. This is the basis of the p cubed concept and gives the structure to the majority of blog posts and, the best presentations. The actual p cubed presentation style is yours. How you deliver that presentation is down to you as a creative person.

Every great presentation starts with a great p1, the story. If I could go back I might change this to “message” instead of “story” but the two concepts are appropriate. A great presentation is about the transfer of something from the presenter to the audience. That cannot simply be facts but must be tailored for the individual audience and made accessible and memorable. That may be in the terms of a story but ultimately is its message. How you construct that message is down to you as a creative person.

It is only once this message has been constructed, trimmed to appropriate length and finalised that the presenter can consider the supportive media for this message. This may be slides, video or even visual aids. The aim is to support and illustrate the message. It is never the script, handout or reading material. There is no single style that is prescribed or required by the p cubed approach merely that the media adds rather than distract from the presentation, that it is memorable and consistent. How you construct that supportive media is down to you as a creative person.

There is no p cubed presentation style of delivery. Clearly I have my own approach to presentations but this varies for keynote speeches, teaching and scientific meetings. The delivery of the message and the supportive media must engage the audience, be effective in terms of volume and projection as be within the time constraints of the meeting. Preparation and practice are the foundations of this, supported by effective feedback, reflection and coaching. How you deliver that message and supportive media is down to you as a creative person.

There is no p cubed style of presentations. There is an approach to the construction of message and supportive media that is based in psychological science and the principles of good design. There are many great presenters who have never heard of p cubed, ffolliet or Ross Fisher. This is not the only way to deliver great presentations. How you deliver your great presentation is down to you as a creative person. I am merely offering some suggestions.

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