Tell me why

tell me why

Tell me why people believe that reading out huge lists of facts to a passive audience is effective communication?

Tell me why we put huge lists of facts on our slides?

Tell me why, when we present, we look at the slides instead of the audience?

Tell me why people asked about what is wrong with presentations do exactly what is wrong with presentations in their own presentations?

Tell me why we know that presentations don’t work but we continue delivering them?

Tell me why we know that presentations don’t work but we continue sitting in them?

Tell me why when people know that they can improve presentations but they continue to do what everyone else does?

Tell me why we teach/encourage/force people to do something we know is poor?

Tell me why we don’t care about how effective education is, simply that it has been “delivered“?

Tell me why we can’t present without slides?

Tell me why presentations online are even worse than presentations in real life?

And tell me why, in the 21st century, when we can turn on the lights in our houses from 12,000 miles away, using a mobile phone, we STILL have presenters saying, “next slide please?”

That’s a lot of questions I know. And I suspect that if you are reading this you may not have the answers to those questions but are actually looking to improve your presentation skills. I understand that it is one thing highlighting the errors and offering ideas for change but another getting change to happen. So, for you, keep on being the great examples of change and tell me why did you change?

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