science of fail

Presentations in their current form fail. This failure is due to construction and delivery. They are the result of a failure to understand psychological principles.


Hysteron proteron

The slideument

Can you send me your presentation please?

Chicken or egg?

Hypnotised, like a chicken




Hypnotised, like a chicken.

When presented with written data, audiences will read. They can’t help themselves. This is due to complex neural issues of having to make sense of images. Whilst a picture can be examined at the same time as listening, this is…
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On why people defend bulletpoints.

I was lucky enough to attend Garr Reynolds PresentationZen workshop in London last November and met some amazing people from all round the world. What struck me was that  powerpoint (type) presentations are ubiquitous, there isn’t even an Asiatic or…
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If I could make just ONE change to improve, what should it be?

It’s clear that when a speaker steps off stage having giving an excellent presentation that a lot of work has gone into the finished article. Whether that is a business case to 5 people or oration to thousands, it takes…
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