You’ve got 3 seconds…

Nancy Duarte (amongst others) suggests in her meisterwerk “Resonate” that a slide/image needs to be understood in under 3 seconds or the audience will have to turn its attention from the speaker to concentrate and make sense of what you have presented them.

 The skill of a presenter is in construction of the p2 to support the p1, not distract from it. Randomly showing this image would arouse all sorts of passions from those who love Lego, those trying to make sense of it and those who love The Simpsons but without introduction it would be distracting.

Once you have established a theme however, even just mentioning Star Wars would then prompt easier recognition of the Dark Lord with Storm Troopers. 

Which then leaves the audience trying to decide who then are these two? Are these the ‘droids you are looking for?

A good presenter uses p2 to support and aid the presentation.

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