I’m not confident enough to give up bulletpoints

A recent discussion on twitter highlighted a problem. Most people recognise that bulletpoints limit their expression, stilt the conversation of a presentation but ultimately make them feel more comfortable in providing their script.

Musing over this I can see no easy way forward save the big push. There has to be a recognition that having constructed the presentation yourself, you and you alone know what you want to say. There is no need for meticulously following a script. Many have the fear that the audience will know more than they do. This is possibly true, particularly for students and juniors presenting to seniors. It is important to recognise that there are likely always to be people who know more than you but the value of the exercise is not in listing all the facts but in sharing your understanding of concepts. Similarly in teaching one should accept that in the alloted time, however long that may be, one will never impart all the knowledge and nor will be it retained. What should be delivered will be therefore not be a list of facts.

I remember the first time i actually swam without putting my feet down. I remember the first time cycling without someone holding the saddle. It didn’t feel comfortable. But the difference was amazing.

Just do it.

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