My Boss won’t like it…

This isn’t another post persuading you to give up bulletpoints; if you’ve come this far and still cling to them, then you are deluded. This is a post about why it can be difficult to give better presentations.

Sadly, not all are enlightened. In fact many people believe the only way to give a presentation is to open Powerpoint, select the default template and drop onto it all the facts you can lay your hands on and every word you want to say. Force some nightmarish 3d graphs in there, add an ironic cartoon and a cheesy bit of clip art and voila, something many people aspire to. Topped off probably by one of MS “best” backgrounds. And if you don’t provide that person with the same when they want “a presentation” they are understandably underwhelmed, or “mark you down” or criticise or frown. Sadly there is no cure for such ignorance save gentle explanation, setting a better example and moving on. I’m sorry, truly I am. For them. Not for you.

If you have seen that there is a better way of sharing information; if you recognise the value in a clear story designed for the audience rather than simply delivery of fact; if your supportive media does just that and doesn’t become your script; if you exude passion and interest because you have been freed from shackles of reading a script verbatim then actually, although the supervisor/assessor/boss may frown, if they have any insight, they probably recognise that what you have done is better than what they would have done; likely to be more effective; certainly has lasted longer than a cup of coffee and ultimately has at least elicited a response. What you have provided is an excellent presentation. They are probably jealous.

Are you here to fit in? Or have you got something to say? 

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