What sort of a presenter are you?

The quality of a presentation is the product of the three basic components of p cubed : p1 story, p2 supportive media and p3 performance. It is proposed that a presenter themself might be classified according to the predominant component of their presentations and that this type limits their development.

The most basic presenter is p2, defined totally by their supportive media. Although development may be seen within this strata as presenters reduce the volume of text in their slides ultimately, the presentation of p2 presenter is impossible without their slides as it represents their story and script. Worse still, the presentation may even be understood without the presenter!

Recognition that presentation requires construction of a message rather than delivery of data marks the evolution towards a p1 presenter. The reliance upon supportive media steadily reduces within this group as they develop more reliance upon the story rather than written word. A competent p1 presenter could present without supportive media.

The goal of presentation development is surely to be the best, a p3 presenter. Here an excellent p cubed value is built on appropriate message, supportive media and engaging delivery. Potentially a p3 presenter might be defined by the fact that their presentation is only possible with an audience present.

There is no science to this metric, merely observation. What sort of presenter are you?

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