If you are just presenting data, don’t bother.

If you are just presenting data, don’t bother. The data of your presentation (p1) is much better presented in a document. It lasts longer, may be reviewed at an individual’s own pace and allows for detailed and fulsome interpretation. In presentation you must add value to that data not simply read it, recite it or write it. For many presenters this is both a huge change in practice and a significant challenge. From the “what” of the data, create a “so what” for the specific audience.

A useful starting point is to consider the audience needs. The audience does not simply need data. They need to care. They need to feel there is value for them in the piece and that there is something tangible for them to take away. An analogy is a contacts database on your phone. This is simply a series of lists of numbers, addresses and emails addresses. It is only of value when you make their individual phone ring, rather than just send a spam email. Make it personal, add value.

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