One at a time please? One at a time

If you are going to use images in a presentation use them only one at a time. Multiple images in a slide are impossible to look at comfortably. The eye is constantly looking from one to the other and the value of the many is lost. One image, appropriately framed and composed will support a point better than multiple images in the same slide.

Remember the purpose of an image is to support the p1 and even if multiple images all illustrate the same point the eye will constantly scan the whole, which in this case is five images, looking for meaning. This scanning is an additional cognitive load. Try concentrating on the juggler (bottom left) Most viewers will find their attention dragged to the moon and from there to the tip of the microphone. Attention focused on the sun will also be dragged away to the microphone or moon. The jugglers are frequently avoided as the image itself has less attractive composition.

Images add to a presentation. They should not add distraction. They work best as individuals.

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