Single image per slide

When constructing a slide use only a single image. The image should add to the message that is being delivered but not be the message itself. A few words can add meaning but there is no need for a title. As for rings, there can only be one image.

single imageIt is not possible to look at more than one image at a time. Placing multiple images on a slide is therefore very distracting. Even vocal direction to a specific images within a slide will not reduce this confusion and the value overall is lost. Digital slides are free and there is no need to put multiple images together.

The p2 is supportive media. Images allow the spoken message p3 primacy where text competes and will overwhelm. A complex image or multiple images will draw attention from the speaker and the message. An image must therefore be simple, single and easily interpreted.  Interpretation is always about context. The context is best established by the narrative but can be altered and deepened by the addition of a few words. There is no requirement though to give a title to every image or slide.

The purpose of the media is to support the message. The message must be able to stand alone. Consider the purpose of every slide and never add more than one image.

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