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I am going to cycle from sunrise to sunset. This will be a significant personal, physical and mental challenge for me. I’m grateful to lots of folks who have already helped me get this far in training and support and if you would like you can help me further by riding along on one of the circuits, then please read on.

This is my plan for the day. In training my average speed has been around 23kph on all of the routes. (That’s just over 14 miles an hour, G.) I have test-ridden the rides a few times and calculated (including my rest periods) approximate start times for each loop. I will be sticking as rigidly to that as possible with the proviso that mechanicals and logistical issues may change depending on the day.

For maximum endurance I need to keep my heart rate below 140bpm. If I go over that speed/ heart rate I burn matches really quite quickly. So, if you’d like to ride along I will need you to ride at just my pace. Going faster doesn’t get me to 2130 any quicker, in fact it means I have to ride further.

I will unlikely be earlier that the times advertised and I will try to be rigid with my rest times. It would be best to be available 15 minutes ahead of time at my house. To keep up with my progress I will share a Strava beacon, my rides will automatically upload to Strava. There will be a telephone number for co-ordination that can be called. I won’t wait but if I’ve started ahead of you, you can chase me down.

It would be brilliant to have chums share some of this with me as it has been your encouragement that got me on the bike in the first place. I can’t promise to be sparkling entertainment but I will promise to be grateful. If you are up for any of this then please fill in this form


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