Change the world by your next presentation

Your next presentation should change the world. If you don’t agree, then don’t bother presenting. The purpose of you, speaking, is to change the  the world into which you have been offered the opportunity to speak. Your opinion, your message, your call to arms should change the world into which it is received or it is of no value, merely noise. Prepare a presentation to change the world.

The world you will change will be that of your audience. It is essential to understand how that world appears to your audience before you can consider how you might change it. Who are they; why are they at this meeting; what do they understand of the topic; what are their concerns or beliefs about this topic; are there controversies about this issue; do they need to change practise; is there a message you wish them to take away; if they understood only one factor what would that be; why are you here speaking and not them? Few audiences are simply present as they have nothing better to do. How are you going to change their world?

Facts alone never change the world. The concept of “covering a topic” has been dealt with elsewhere. What is of value is something different in the world of the audience related to the topic. Merely recounting data is of less value than providing a document and defeats the purpose of a speaker. Your role as a speaker is to decide, on the basis of your research, how the facts might change the world of your audience and speak to facilitate that change. This is the journey of the presentation.

The exact details and method of journey are the excitement and creative aspect of developing the p1 of a presentation. The start and finish are set but the exact route, the highs and low, the drama, the nature of that journey all fall to the presenter and as such no two presenters would give the same presentation on the same topic. If they set out to change the world. This is your responsibility, privilege and honour. Go out and change the world.

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