The last post.

On Tuesday 5th March 2013 I first posted on the blog site Blogger. 217 posts later, this is the last post. What started out as just one bloke growling about the state of presentations has grown into a something that I’m really very proud of. Over 170,000 hits suggest that there is an appetite to read and think about presentations and for that reason I have to call it a day and sadly say goodbye. To Blogger.

Of course I’m not giving it up! Really? Do you think I’ve actually run out of things to say? Do you think the world has moved on from the “almost universal conformity in the nature of the slidesets generated”? No. Realistically, the work has only just begun. What is required is more than just a blog site and for that reason I’ve taken the Big Boy step of moving onto a proper website.

I’d like to thank SO many people who have helped and encouraged me through the last three years with this enterprise and the physical expression of it too. I have been invited to too many places to recount to share these ideas and I look forward to many more. I’ve done some serious thinking and reading and researching and developed ideas I never would or could have without this resource and I’m grateful to all those folk who have visited and commented and shared, principally through twitter.

The new website is  ( you have probably arrived here if you followed old link to )

I am grateful to the wonderful Nicole Gugger for encouraging and pushing me this far and to the amazing Simon Carley for his technical help in the move. 

So, to the future- more posts, more ideas, more lectures, more workshops. Seriously, if you’d like me to come and share ideas, you simply have to ask. I am so proud of the changes folks have shared with me of the changes in their presentations and the reception of that. Everyone has a story to tell, information to share and passion to encourage. My goal has been to help people do that. It has been a privilege.

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