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Life is better sans comic sans. Fontography is a huge topic in itself. As a presenter one needs to understand that fonts “say” something and that influences the reception of a message whether that is intentional or otherwise. Comic sans looks friendly and slightly jokey, informal and a bit quirky. Many however interpret its use in a very negative way. (That would be unchanged by knowing the ATLAS group at CERN announced the discovery of The Higgs Boson using the typeface in their press release in 2014.)

A forthcoming series of posts will deal with fonts in a little more detail but for those new to the topic it is important to realise that, like animals, rings and rifles, not all fonts are equal. Consider the instructions below. Which conveys more strength in the same message?

not comic sans comic sans








The image on the left leaves one in NO doubt, on the right, more of a feeling of, “if you feel like it, you know, if it’s ok?” sort of vibe. Similarly for a “presentation” at a scientific meeting. Without even hearing the presentations, ask yourself which slide below appears the “more” scientific?

potentially scientific not scientific








Fonts are important. Comic sans, like cliches, should be avoided. Life is better sans Comic sans.



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