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Comic sans

Comic sans is one of the most used and also most hated fonts in the world. It was created in 1994 by Vincent Connare to be used in a comic. It was designed to be friendly and playful and to…
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presentation buddy- have you got one?

presentation buddy

Scuba divers have one, sky divers have one, do you have a presentation buddy? There’s no two ways about it, presentations can be as scary and perceived as life threatening as both those extreme sports. To reduce the dangers, add…
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sans comic sans

Life is better sans comic sans. Fontography is a huge topic in itself. As a presenter one needs to understand that fonts “say” something and that influences the reception of a message whether that is intentional or otherwise. Comic sans…
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Less is more. Or fewer, in fact.

fewer is more

Less is more in design. The same applies to the number of slides in p2; except for the grammar. Restraint increases effect in decoration and so it is with slides. Slides decorate or support the story and its delivery. Fewer…
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The Greatest Presentation in the World (tribute)

As titles of talks go, that is something to live up to. I was privileged to speak recently at a big conference and THAT was the title of the talk they asked me to give; no pressure eh? The reality…
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What is the optimum number of slides in a presentation?

Whats the optimum number of minutes per slide and words per slide for a presentation? @ffolliet I’ve always used 1 min/slide and 4-6 x 4-6. — David Warriner (@doctordiscodave) December 11, 2015 None. No slides. So no words.There is no…
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It’s not a comic

The scientific evidence is clear that text on a screen is ineffectual and distracting. Images are perfect for supporting the message of the story. The temptation for speakers is then to attempt to illustrate every single step and detail in…
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How to “do” a presentation #htdap

How to do a presentation is an ordered list. Please follow the steps, in order. I think you’ll find the result both illuminating and rewarding. There are lots of links to other posts that deal with the issues in a…
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Design matters

I know design matters but I don‘t know much about such things so I asked Nicole Gugger, a presentation professional to share some of her insights and expertise in this first guest blog posting.I´ve been asked “does design matter”? The…
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