Detailed guides on How To Do A Presentation #htdap

This section contains Individual posts that have step by step guides on #htdap (how to do a presentation) for various types of presentations. Each posts contains detailed explanations with links to posts that deal with specific topics in more detail. The commonest types of presentations are listed below. If you would like to understand more, get in touch, follow @ffolliet on twitter or send an email.


How to do a presentation

How to do a Presentation (storify)

Top 10 Tips on How to Do a Presentation

How to do a Scientific Presentation

How to do a Pechakucha

How to do a Teaching Session

How to do a Case Based Discussion Presentation

How to do an Interview Presentation


Zoom, zoom, zoom.

zoom, zoom, zoom

Zoom, zoom, zoom seems to be all we hear about in the pandemic and as a company they certainly have done very well in the online presenting market place. I have personal issues with MSTeams and it has huge issues…
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It’s a privilege

it's a privilege

“It’s a privilege to be here today and read my powerpoint out to you.” That’s not how it should be! It’s a privilege to be given the opportunity to make a presentation, to share insights, inspiration or research, to teach…
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more questions

More questions on twitter and through email from friends and colleagues about presentations is a great sign of the desire for improvement and higher-order thinking on presentation skills. I want to emphasise that these replies are only my personal opinions,…
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Just don’t…

just don't

Just don’t ever consider doing any of these things. They need no more explanation than is given. Sadly, these ideas are more frequently expressed than one would expect. If you have ever considered one, just don’t. Plan using powerpoint (to…
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Top 10 tips

A recent tweet from a colleague Edd Broad asked me for my top 10 tips on giving presentations to a large group. Being a man of a certain age, a certain musical upbringing and a certain literary experience, top 10s…
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What is p cubed presentation style?

What is p cubed presentation style? A radical approach to presentations, based in science that aspires to help presenters everywhere deliver effective presentations, engage with their audiences and share insights, inspiration and ideas so that they are retained rather than…
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the five p’s of presentation

five peas

The five p’s of presentation are planning, preparation, consistency, practise and performance. An understanding of the place and importance of each of the 5 p’s of presentation will transform any piece from just being one of the many average presentations…
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Interview presentations

interview presentations

Interview presentations are perhaps one of the most stressful presentations delivered; there is more resting on the presentation than the just the facts themselves. The purpose of the piece is to assess the candidate’s ability to address a problem, define…
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retro fitted

retro fitted

Retro fitted presentations are really not very good. If you have constructed (and delivered) a presentation and have decided to carry out some of the p cubed concepts in your work, the best advice is not to retro fit an…
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Where do I start to improve presentations?

baby steps

To improve your presentations is a challenge but now you’ve visited the website this is the beginning of your journey. Your presentations are going to change and from now on you will never view a presentation in the same way….
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