PechaKucha :Twenty, 20 sec tips.

I recently had the opportunity to present at a PechaKucha event. The word itself means “chitchat” in Japanese and is a presentation format with a strict structure; twenty slides, each moving forward automatically after twenty seconds. I thought I would share some thoughts pk style.

  1. The aim of the presentation should be to deliver a story or concept.
  2. To work best, all three parts must compliment each other. (p cubed)
  3. Plan/brainstorm analogue (pencil and paper) to determine your story
  4. Determine the arc of your story with introduction, climax and ending. (p1)
  5. Storyboard twenty slides: Introduction 2 or 3; Climax and conclusion 2 or 3 and fourteen remaining steps.
  6. Write these individual steps on the slides
  7. Write, for each step, two sentences, maximum forty words total.
  8. Practise and time each slide you have constructed, maximum 18 seconds, edit as needed.
  9. Chose bold, clear images to support each individual point and add to software. (p2)
  10. Consider making 1st and closing or climax image the same.
  11. Practise the delivery over and over and over again using autotransition for 20 seconds.(p3)
  12. Get rid of the script and practise again and again rigorously sticking to time.
  13. When performing use a stopwatch/timer to maximise your ability to stay within time.
  14. Relax and enjoy yourself as you deliver your story.
  15. Look at the audience not your slides.
  16. Blend over into next slide if less than 3 seconds, pause if more than 3 seconds.
  17. If you stumble, you stumble. The audience is with you, not against you. Don’t panic.
  18. Don’t pause long for laughter, speaking will bring the audience back.
  19. Make sure whatever happens that you deliver the climax/conclusion clearly.
  20. Smile, it makes everything better.

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