The supportive media (p2) is everything that adds to the story (p1) in its delivery whether as a presentation or visual aids. There is discussion of slide construction, media and design.

No caption required

no caption required

In a scientific article an illustration or a figure is accompanied by a caption. There is no caption required in a presentation. Images should exist by themselves without a complex description. Conversely a slide and in fact the whole of…
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Single image per slide

When constructing a slide use only a single image. The image should add to the message that is being delivered but not be the message itself. A few words can add meaning but there is no need for a title….
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data slides (1)

Data slides are essential in a good scientific presentation. A graphic representation is more easy to interpret and remember than many words either spoken or written. Or more succinctly,  “Use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words.” Data slides must…
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Can you see this at the back?

can you see this at the back

The p2 is usually constructed on a laptop or desktop computer where the final slide size often fills the screen. The size of font is reduced as more and more detail is added. What may appear clear and legible on…
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Thank you!

thank you

I was recently working with a colleague who had developed an excellent presentation. The final slide was incongruous. It had a beautiful image with the words “Thank you” on it. Your last slide should be the defining image, lasting message and…
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That’s not what I meant by that picture


A picture can paint a thousand words. It is important that an image within p2 paints the words the presenter intends the audience to hear. A single image may have multiple meanings. It is essential to consider other possibilities may exist. Make sure…
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Here is a picture of a journal article

journal article

If you want to read a journal article, download it. If you want the audience to read the same article, offer it as a download. If you want to offer the reference for future reading, make it available as a…
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Lessons from the Sensei (i) effective visual message

lessons from sensei 1

I was privileged to spend time recently with Garr Reynolds, author of Presentation Zen and really my Sensei (Teacher) in starting my journey in all things presentation. His books are compulsory reading for anyone keen to improve their presentations and…
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What is the best presentation software?

What is the best presentation software? There’s a fair number to chose from and realistically the answer is, the one you know best. There are pros and cons for each that are available but there is no need for the…
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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

The best books, the best films and the best presentations start with an attention grabber. “Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen. A retrospective review of prenatal ultrasound in South East Thames,” is unlikely to do that. If you grab the attention of…
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