p cubed presentations

p cubed presentations

p cubed presentations is a concept about presentations and how to improve them. The aim is to share ideas about presentations, their construction, design and delivery such that the message is not lost, in time, like tears in rain.

how you use p cubed presentations

This site evolved from a series of blog posts. They have been organised into a resource for those who seek to improve their presentations or who have questions about why presentations, as we currently use them, fail. Each post effectively answers a single question but has links to other posts within the site to give clarity on more specific topics.

p cubed concepts

The basic p cubed concept is that a presentation is the product of three presentations; the story (p1), the supportive media (p2) and its delivery (p3). The value of a presentation is the product of these three presentations. 

The science of fail is a discussion on the science behind the reasons presentations as we currently know them fail.

It is important that one constructs a presentation in order; audience needs dictate the “story” to be told and its nature (p1). This will/may subsequently be illustrated (p2) and then preparation made for delivery (p3). Failure to follow this approach puts the cart before the horse; hysteron proteron  With this structure understood there are a series of step by step guides on How To Do A Presentation #htdap

p cubed examples

The concept has been developed by me but in a series of guest posts there is an increasing number of reflections from colleagues who have used this technique to improve their presentations. If you would like to add your voice, please let me know.

Adding to the multi-media learning approach there are podcasts on some issues and I’m always looking for new topics.

A series of videos will be available of presentations in the near future

p cubed development

The blog posts happen fairly regularly and are often a response to questions and discussions from twitter. Please follow me @ffolliet and join the discussion there. Each post has a comments section and this too should add to the debate. Please don’t feel I have all the knowledge, join the debate and together, we can improve presentations.

Lastly, if you would like me to visit your place of work, a conference or organisation to give a p cubed presentation or run a workshop, then just leave a message. We can talk!





with thanks to Ian Summers for his amazing photo.