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The majority of posts on this site are authored by @ffolliet but it is humbling that friends and colleagues have chosen also to write their thoughts on changing presentation styles.

Please browse through, if you are looking for specific folk maybe they are listed below. If YOU would like to contribute, please get in touch.

Cian McDermott   Linda Dykes  Patrick Bafuma   Andrew Hu   Ken Spearpoint   Simon Saunders

Liz O’Riordan   Emma Stapleton   Alice  Nick Ferran  Kate Granger  James Moffatt  Nicole Gugger

Crushing the scariest talk of your life

crushing your next presentation

The purpose of guest blog posts is to advertise the amazing work others are doing in improving presentation skills. I am humbled and privileged that three such folk have shared their insights. This post is important in many way, not…
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guest blog- losing bulletpoints helped me find my voice

losing bulletpoints

Thank you to Carrie Thomas for her insights and thoughts on her #presentationskills journey   There are key moments of feedback that stick with you and can be practise changing. For presenting, my development journey started back in 2015 with…
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type not font

type not font

Type not font influences the reception of a message. I’m grateful to my friend Bob Connelly for this guest post where he shares some ideas on the use of type in supportive media. Importantly this is about type, not font….
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Good analogy- guest post

good analogy

A good analogy can make or break a presentation. It’s always a pleasure to share thoughts and ideas from other presenters on the site. I was pleased to receive this guest from Simon McCormick giving some of his thoughts around…
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Guest blog- once you’ve tried p cubed, you never go back


Once again it is a pleasure and privilege to have had submitted, without prompting, another guest blog discussing personal experience with the p cubed concept. This comes from Alistair Hellewell, a Consultant Anaesthetist with a long-standing interest in Education, High Performance…
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Guest post on vegemite and presentations

In  the next in an ever increasing group of guest posts is a piece from Cian McDermott a friend and collaborator working in Melbourne, Australia. Cian has taken up the challenge of improving his presentation and gives his view on the…
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Lessons from Linda

It  is always a pleasure having guest blog posts on the site. This is NOT all about me. I asked a colleague, Linda Dykes, who is a Consultant in Emergency Medicine & General Practitioner in Bangor, North Wales if she…
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Making p cubed stick

make it stick

It is always encouraging to hear how others have considered improving their #presentationskills and the results of their work. I’m grateful to Patrick Bafuma @EMinfocus who submitted this guest blog. It is insightful, encouraging and inspiring.     Making P3…
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A little sadness

Perhaps the saddest comment I have heard related to #presentationskills was one junior colleague saying to another; “what he suggests is interesting, but I wouldn’t do it for an important presentation.” Of course I recognise the privileged position I am…
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Guest blogpost.”Challenging the presentations status quo”

I’m conscious this blog can be very much a single opinion but I am very much encouraged by another guest post from Andrew, who came to a lecture on Thursday and made a presentation on the next day… My name…
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