So, you want to improve your presentation

Folks probably visit this website principally because they want to improve their presentation. This podcast deals with some simple tips that will improve the p cubed value of your presentation.

They say

they say

They say lots of things and they are frequently negative, critical and defensive. It’s important to find out who they are, do they actually say those things and whether that is right or not because they are often cited as…
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Keep calm and carry on (podcast)

keep calm and carry on

This latest podcast is in response to a comment from twitter. What to do when things go wrong?   @ffolliet listening to ur latest podcast now. One topic to consider :how to survive technical failures I.e slides — Minh Le…
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Speaking in public terrifies me (podcast)

speaking in public terrifies me

For many, the hardest thing about giving a presentation is just that, actually giving the presentation. The p cubed approach recognises that great delivery (p3) of the presentation is essential. How does one manage that fear and deal with the issue…
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Why do we present like this? (podcast)

why do we present like this

Why do people present the way they do? There are a multitude of reasons and yet the reasons we dislike presentations don’t stop the majority of people producing exactly the same. What are the problems and how can we change?

Lost in time, like tears in rain (podcast)

lost in time

No  one sets out to give a poor presentation. The sad reality is that the majority of presentations are lost to the audience before they have even left the auditorium, the information is, “lost in time like tears in rain.”…
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The p cubed concept (podcast)

p cubed concept

A presentation is made of 3 parts, p1 the story, p2 the supportive media and p3 the delivery. The product of these, the value of the presentation = p cubed